Field Trips are expensive and often involve long boring bus rides, so why not spare yourself the hassle and invite Ms. Hartman and her team into the classroom. She has over 25 years experience working with young audiences and can generate  a sense of adventure, excitement and fast paced activities that are relevant to your classroom curriculum.  We teach using audience generated demonstrations which involves students for two hours or all day.

Native American Indian programs place an emphasis on the sophistication of ancient cultural technologies and makes this very serious subject fun, intriguing, and at times down right amusing -- as well as always amazing. We work with audiences all over the Midwest from 15 to 250 in classrooms, libraries, and auditoriums as well as outside venues.

Native American Indian presentations revolve around audience generated demonstrations and hands on participation.  All audiences are given opportunities to learn about ancient woodland Indian history through firsthand experiences. They are encouraged to come up and try on examples of ancient plant fiber textiles, clothes and bags. Students love to experiment with the wooden, bone and stone tools we bring in. 

We recreate real life Native American history activities for the classroom, such as: hide tanning, fur trading and archery. Students are also learning about the family life, houses, social order, ceremonies, dances and names of  individuals that stand out in Native American History. 

Join me inside my wigwam where it is warm and see what all we can do for you Nicon!  I’m freezing out here!

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